Do you wish your home and windows looked good all year round? Are you tired of chasing up various cleaning service providers, comparing quotes and waiting for the work to be done?

If you answered YES to both these questions, then our subscription service is perfect for you!

Model it to perfectly suit your needs by adding as many services as you require. All subscriptions are billed on a monthly basis, meaning you can spread out the cost of services over the course of the year. It is simple to apply – all monthly charges are based on the square footage of your home. You may cancel at any time, and only pay the full price cost of services already used. Simply click on the link under each service below, and you will be taken to PayPal in order to fill out the subscription payment form. Then sit back and relax, knowing The Celtic Cleaner will ensure a clean, bright home all year round!

Here is the list of services we currently offer in our subscription model (more will be added soon):


Quarterly Exterior Window Cleaning

Our technicians will clean all exterior windows on your home on a regular, consistent, quarterly basis. No need to schedule or even be home for service. We will simply leave a note to say we have been (not that you’ll need the note when the windows dazzle you as you pull in the driveway!). How convenient is that???

How big is your home?