What do you like most about having clean windows? The brightness and cheerfulness that is instantly noticeable in your home? The ability to enjoy a beautiful view or stunning sunset in perfect clarity? Appreciating life’s special moments, such as watching your children play in the back yard? We at The Celtic Cleaner want you to be able to enjoy these things.

Now, it can be stressful finding the right business to service your home. Perhaps you may have one or more of the following concerns:

  • what if the work isn’t done right?
  • my time is precious – what if they are late or don’t show up at all?
  • what if they break or otherwise damage something?
  • what kind of people am I inviting into my home?
  • what if it rains after and spoils my clean windows?

We at The Celtic Cleaner understand your concerns! Let us reassure you as to why we will provide the service that’s right for you:

  • with 10 years experience, you can trust us to get the job done right
  • you will never be stood up or kept waiting by The Celtic Cleaner! Within the limits common to all, punctuality is as important to us as it is important to you! After all, you have more important things to do than wait around for a tardy window cleaner!
  • you can be confident that your home will be treated as if it were our own – you will be amazed by the level of care we have towards your home and belongings! In addition, for your peace of mind, we are backed by a $2 million insurance policy! You will never have to worry about your Ming vase breaking, or your Persian rug getting stained by us!
  • all who fly under The Celtic Cleaner flag are friendly, hardworking, non-smoking, non-scary professionals wearing clean and neat uniforms!
  • it does rain a lot here in NW Washington. Our platinum service comes with a 7-day Rainy Day guarantee – if your windows are spoiled by any rainfall within 7 days of our visit, we will return at your convenience to wash the outside of your windows absolutely FREE! This call back guarantee also promises to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service. If you see a spot or a smudge that we may have missed, you can call us back within those 7 days, no matter how small it may be!

If you feel that we are the right service for you, then please click here to select one of our window cleaning packages! If you prefer to talk to a real life human being (especially one with a charming British accent) then you may call us on 360-768-2358 to ask about our window cleaning service.