Do you struggle to find time to keep up with exterior cleaning tasks on your home, such as windows, gutters and roof? Do you feel as though the professional services out there offer little value for money? Do you wish you could see results that last all year round, allowing you to focus on what’s most important in life like family, friends and your career? Then our maintenance cleaning program is perfect for you!

Here’s how it works…

Window cleaning

Your windows are cleaned 4 times a year on the exterior. We request that you remove the screens prior to service (don’t worry, we will give you plenty of heads up!) but these can also be cleaned by our team during the visit. If you live in an area where your windows may get dirty more quickly (perhaps right by the ocean, next to a busy street, or in a windy, dusty area) then more frequent cleaning can be arranged. Imagine how bright and cheerful your home will feel when the windows are clean all year round! We can also add interior cleaning depending on your wishes. It’s your home, so you decide!

Gutter cleaning

On each visit that we come to clean your windows, we will also take a look at your gutters. This will allow our team to get more acquainted with your gutter setup, allowing us to know where blockages – and eventually damage – are more likely to occur. Any debris in these areas will be removed, and your entire gutter system will be tested for flow to ensure it is doing its job! We will also clean the exterior of the gutters on an annual basis, ensuring that they stay looking bright.

House washing

Once a year your entire house will be cleaned with a low pressure solution that acts to prevent the buildup of organic material such as moss, mold, mildew and green algae, in addition to generally brightening up the outside of your home. Such a treatment usually guarantees non-return of these materials for one year, but for added peace of mind we will check on it throughout the year giving you the peace of mind that your home will stay completely moss and mildew free!


Perhaps your home doesn’t look as good as you would like it to? Perhaps you already have moss on your roof, or clogged gutters, or windows that haven’t been looked out of in a while. Never fear! Whatever needs to be remedied can simply be built into the monthly installments of your personalized program, avoiding any major up front charges.

“What’s it cost?”

Once a member of our team has met with you personally to understand your requirements and home, we will calculate the cost of each stand alone service and spread it out over 12 equal monthly installments. We have programs already running that are priced as little as $29 per month. You may also opt to pay for the entire year “up front” for an extra discount! Please ask for more information on our payment plans and terms.

Interested? Please call us on (360) 768-CELT (or 768-2358) to find out more about this revolutionary program. We can schedule a time to meet with you and build a package that is perfect for you and your home! Alternatively, please click here to choose from one of our deluxe ready-to-order packages!